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United States Senate

Republican 48
Democrat 44
Leans GOP 2
Toss-Up 6
NOTE: Republican, Democrat refer to the number of Senate seats safely held by each party.



Alaska: Knowles (D) 47% Murkowski (R) 44% [Toss-Up]


Colorado: Coors (R) 49% Salazar (48%) [Toss-Up]


Florida:  Martinez 49% (R) Castor (D) 47% [Toss-Up]


Georgia: Isakson (R) 54% Majette (D) 42% [Republican]


Illinois: Obama (D) 64% Keyes (R) 20% [Democrat]


Louisiana: Vitter (R) 47% John (D) 25% Kennedy (16%) [Toss-Up... Vitter must win 50% or face a run-off]


Nevada: Reid 52% Ziser 40% [Democrat]


North Carolina: Burr (R) 49% Bowles (D) 45% [Toss-Up]


Oklahoma: Coburn (R) 48% Carson (D) 43% [Leans GOP]


South Carolina: DeMint (R) 50% Tennenbaum (D) 44% [Leans GOP]


South Dakota: Thune (R) 49% Daschle (D) 46% [Toss-Up]


Wisconsin: Feingold 53% Michel 43% [Democrat]


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