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The politics and news wonít end on Election Day... and neither will Rasmussen Reports polling. We will continue to poll every single night so that our Premium Members  can continue to follow the news and the world of politics like an insider.

Whoever wins the race for the White House on November 2 will be the first President ever to have his performance measured by polls available to you every single day of his term.

A one-year Premium Membership is available for just $95. That includes all of our political data, current events coverage, and economic data. For 2005, it even includes coverage of the Governorsí races in New Jersey and Virginia. Click HERE to renew now.

Election 2004 Premium Members who renew now will receive an extra two months for freeÖ a Membership that is valid for the rest of this year and all of 2005.

There's more!  Renew now, and we'll send you a special 30-page Special Report by Scott Rasmussen in December analyzing the results of Election 2004.

2005 Premium Membership benefits include:

         Job Approval Ratings and other measures of the Presidentís performance updated daily. Weíll include the Presidentís ratings in key states and expanded demographic details.

         Regular updates showing public perceptions of key issues including the War with Iraq and the economy.

         Comprehensive coverage of the Governorsí races in New Jersey and Virginia.

         Sneak previews of the 2008 Presidential Election match-ups (and maybe even a few 2006 Senate races).

         Special research on issues that arise for the new Administrationóranging from Social Security and taxes to same-sex marriage and judicial appointments.

●    Daily Current Events Details including question wording and selected demographic information.

Economic Issues:

The Rasmussen Consumer Index reports changes in Consumer Confidence two to six    weeks ahead of the traditional reports issued by Michigan and Conference Board.

The Rasmussen Investor Index measures what Investors are thinking before those thoughts move the markets.   

         We also provide the raw data that makes up the Index figures. This includes daily ratings of the economy and personal finances, whether financial indicators are getting better or worse, and a measure of how many Americans believe the economy is still in a recession.

         State and regional economic data, along with data for selected metro markets (begins January 2).

         Breakdowns by income, Investor risk profile, and more (begins January 2).

         Economic data will be offered as a stand-alone service beginning early in 2005. However, Premium Members who renew now will continue to receive the economic package for no extra cost for all of 2005.

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Copyright © 2005 Rasmussen Reports