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Election 2004

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Welcome to the Rasmussen Reports Election 2004 Archive Page. Questions or comments?

Rasmussen Reports provided Premium Members with polling in 24 states over the final weekend. We're pleased to report that the candidate leading in our polls won every single state.

FINAL POPULAR VOTE PROJECTION: Bush 50.2% Kerry 48.5% Other 1.3%

FINAL RESULTS (ACTUAL):                 Bush 50.5% Kerry 48.2% Other 1.3%

FINAL STATE TRACKING POLL UPDATE: Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania State Polls: Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, North Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New York  Senate Polling Summary.

Archives:  Review Daily Snapshot for Election Day.

Election 2004 Report: The GOP Generation--2004 Edition has been released. Premium Members may also review The GOP Generation, our report following the 2002 Election.

Different Take on the Values Issue: Is America generally fair and decent? Republicans and unaffiliated voters say yes. Democrats are evenly divided.

Election 2004: The Wall Street Journal declared that Rasmussen Reports was one of the big winners of Election 2004. Also, you might want to see what Slate had to say about our polling this year.

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