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TENNESSEE SURVEY of 500 likely voters

Thursday November 2, 2006


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1* In the election for United States Senate, if the election were held today, would you vote for Republican Bob Corker or for Democrat Harold Ford?


                                53% Corker

45% Ford              

                                  1% some other candidate

                                  1% not sure


2* Is your vote primarily a vote for a candidate or against his opponent?


                Corker voters

61% for Corker

34% against Ford

  5% not sure


Ford voters

75% for Ford

21% against Corker

  5% not sure


3* Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of:





Very favorable



Somewhat favorable



Somewhat unfavorable



Very unfavorable



Not sure




4* How would you rate the way things are going in Iraq these days…excellent, good, fair or poor?


  6% excellent

19% good

27% fair

46% poor

  2% not sure


5* Generally speaking how would you rate the U.S Economy these days…excellent, good, fair or poor?


21% excellent

26% good

35% fair

17% poor

  1% not sure


6* Who’s winning war on terror the United States and its allies or the terrorists?


                                52% the United States and its allies

                                24% the terrorists

                                20% neither

                                  4% not sure


7* Which candidate do you trust more on the War in Iraq…Bob Corker or Harold Ford?


51% Corker

39% Ford

10% not sure


8* Which candidate do you trust more on economic issues… Bob Corker or Harold Ford?


53% Corker

41% Ford

  6% not sure


9* Is Tennessee  politics more corrupt than most states, less corrupt than most states, or about the same?


16% more corrupt

12% less corrupt

70% about the same

  3% not sure


10* In terms of how you will vote next week, how important is the issue of government corruption and ethics?


71% very important

23% somewhat important

  3% not very important

  1% not important at all

  2% not sure


11* How would you rate the job George W. Bush has been doing as President… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?


                                36% strongly approve

                                17% somewhat approve

                                  8% somewhat disapprove

                                38% strongly disapprove

                                  1% not sure


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.