TENNESSEE SURVEY of 500 likely voters

Thursday August 10, 2006


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1* In the election for United States Senate, if the election were held today, would you vote for Republican Bob Corker or for Democrat Harold Ford?


                                48% Corker

42% Ford              

                                  6% some other candidate

                                  8% not sure


2* Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of:





Very favorable



Somewhat favorable



Somewhat unfavorable



Very unfavorable



Not sure




3*In terms of how you will vote this November, which of the following issues is most important… the economy, immigration, government corruption, national security, the War in Iraq, same-sex marriage, or some other issue?


31% the economy

13% immigration

                  8% government corruption

19% national security

16% the War in Iraq

  5% same-sex marriage

  3% some other issue

  3% not sure


4*How confident are you that ballots are properly counted in most elections and the right person is declared the winner?


32% very confident

40% somewhat confident

18% not very confident

  8% not at all confident

  2% not sure


5*Should voters be required to show photo identification such as a drivers license before being allowed to vote?


83% yes

12% no

  5% not sure


6*Should election ballots be printed in English only or should they be printed in English and Spanish?


77% English only

21% English and Spanish

  1% not sure


7*In most elections, are large numbers of people prevented from voting who should be allowed to vote?


18% yes

49% no

31% not sure


8*Okay… in most elections, are large numbers of people allowed to vote who are not eligible to vote?


30% yes

37% no

33% not sure


9*Some people say that America’s political system is badly broken. Do you agree?


56% yes

28% no

16% not sure


10*On a different topic… Should marriage be defined in terms of a union between a man and a woman? Or should marriage be defined as a union between any two people including same sex couples?


80% marriage is between man and woman

17% between any two people

  3% not sure


11*Do you believe the Bible literally true?


68% yes

21% no

11% not sure


12* Moving to another cultural issue… on the topic of abortion, do you consider yourself pro-choice or pro-life?


39% pro-choice

51% pro-life

10% not sure


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.