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Daily Snapshot--Wednesday, October 25

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Election 2004 Summary

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Welcome to the Rasmussen Reports Daily Snapshot. Questions or comments?

Texas: Governor Rick Perry (R) attracts 36% of the vote. Democrat Chris Bell has moved into second place with 25%. Carole Keeton Strayhorn (I) earns 22% while Kinky Friedman (I) has fallen off the pace at 12%. Data and Article Coming Later.

Tennessee: Bob Corker (R) attracts 47% of the vote in Tennessee while Harold Ford, Jr. (D) earns 46%. When leaners are included, it's Corker by 2, 49% to 47%. Data and article coming later. Ford was up by two in our last Tennessee poll and up five in the poll before that.

Scott's Page: Two weeks left and three states seem destined to determine which party will control the Senate.

Massachusetts: Patrick (D) leads Healey (R) 53% to 29%. See Previous Poll. Data and Article coming later.

Kansas: Sebelius (D) leads Barnett (R) 56% to 37%. See Previous Poll. Data and Article coming later.

South Carolina: Sanford (R) leads Moore (D) 57% to 34%. See Previous Poll. Data and Article coming later.

Colorado: Ritter (D) leads Beauprez (R) 51% to 39%.See Previous Poll. Data and Article coming later.

Arkansas: Beebe (D) leads Hutchinson (R) 49% to 41%, See Previous Poll. Data and Article coming later.

Wisconsin: Governor Jim Doyle (D) leads Mark Green (R) 48% to 44%. Data and Article coming later. Last month, Doyle led 47% to 44%. Doyle has led in all eight polls we have conducted in Wisconsin this cycle with leads ranging from three to eight points. He has never reached the 50% level of voter support.

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RR Daily Data Snapshot!™
  Today's Economic Data President George W. Bush
  Consumer Index 115.6   Job Approval  
  Investor Index 136.0   Approve 41%  
  Rate Economy        
  Ex/Good 37%   Men 43%  
  Fair 36%   Women 38%  
  Poor 26%        
  Rate Personal Finance   Republicans 81%  
  Ex/Good 40%   Democrats 14%  
  Fair 40%   Other 30%  
  Poor 18%        
  U. S. Economy   Men Under 40 39%  
  Better 27%   Men Over 40 44%  
  Worse 56%   Women Under 40 29%  
  Personal Finances   Women Over 40 40%  
  Better 33%        
  Worse 44%   Investors 46%  
  U. S. In a Recession?   Non-Investors 35%  
  Yes 28%        
  No 44%   Married 45%  
  Investment Allocation   Not Married 32%  
  Real Estate 40%        
  Stock Market 30%   White 45%  
  Corporate Bonds 8%   Black 14%  
  Savings Account 14%   Other 30%  
  Investment Portfolio Worth        
  More than a year ago 75%   Gov't Employee 33%  
  Less than a year ago 17%   Entrepreneur 52%  
  Same as a year ago 7%   Private Company Worker 42%  

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Michigan:  The latest Rasmussen Reports poll of the Michigan Governor's race shows Granholm with 53% of the vote while DeVoss only earns 42%. See Data. Each candidate adds a point when leaners are included. Earlier in the month, Granholm had built her first significant advantage since January.  In the Senate race, it's Stabenow (D) by 16.

Iowa: Democrat Chet Culver now leads Republican Jim Nussle 47% to 44% in the Iowa race for Governor. Data and Article Coming later. When leaners are included, it's Culver 49% Nussle 45%. A month ago, the race was a pure toss-up.

Rhode Island: Lincoln Chafee (R) continues to trail Sheldon Whitehouse (D)  See Data. The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll shows Whitehouse with a 50% to 42% lead in the Rhode Island Senate race. When leaners are added, it's Whitehouse 52% Chafee 44%.  Whitehouse has held a lead in our last five polls.

In the Governor's race, incumbent Donald Carcieri (R) leads Lt. Governor Charles Fogarty (D) 50% to 42%. With leaners, it's Carcieri by eight, 51% to 44%.

Montana: Senator Conrad Burns (R) has closed the gap in Montana. See Data. He now trails Jon Tester (D) by two, 48% to 46%. When leaners are included, it's Tester 49% Burns 46%. A week ago, it was Tester 50% to 44% (with leaners). Tester has led in six of our last seven polls and the seventh was a tie. With the exception of the one poll showing a tie in August, this is the closest the candidates have been since April. When this poll is released on the public site, we will shift the race from "Leans Democrat" to "Toss-Up" in our Senate Balance of Power summary.

Foley: Nationally, 47% believe it is somewhat or very common for Members of Congress to have inappropriate relationships with staff members. Just 29% believe it is not very common or not at all common. Just 23% give GOP leaders good or excellent marks for handling the Foley situation. Nineteen percent (19%) say Democratic leaders would have done better if Foley was a Democrat. See Data.

Florida: Republican Charlie Crist now leads by five, 46% to 41% in the race for Governor. Data and Article coming later. Two weeks ago, Crist led by 16.

Nevada: Senator Jon Ensign (R) leads Jack Carter (D) 50% to 42%. When leaners are included, it's 52% to 43%. See Data. In the race for Governor, it's Gibbons (R) 51% Titus (D) 43%.

Washington: Senator Maria Cantwell (D) leads by fifteen, 53% to 38%. See Data. When this is released to the public, we will shift the race from "Leans Democrat" to "Democrat" in our Senate Balance of Power summary.

Maine: Governor John Baldacci (D) has opened a ten-point lead over Chandler Woodcock (R) in his bid for re-election. When leaners are included, it's Baldacci by eight, 46% to 38%. However, just 28% are "certain" they will vote for the Governor. 26% say the same about Woodcock. See Data. A month ago, it was Baldacci by five.

Arizona: Senator Jon Kyl (R) leads Jim Pederson (D) 51% to 42%. See DataA month ago, Kyl was ahead 50% to 39%.

Illinois: Just 38% of Illinois voters have a favorable opinion of Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) but the incumbent leads by eight in his bid for re-election. It's Blagojevich 44% Topinka (R) 36%. See Data. Fewer than half of the state's voters remain "certain" how they will vote. This survey was conducted several days after a Blagojevich associate was indicted.

Pennsylvania: Rick Santorum (R) still trails by double digits. Bob Casey, Jr. (D) leads Santorum 54% to 41%. When leaners are included, it's Casey 55% Santorum 42%. See Data. In the Governor's race, it's Rendell by 17 (57% to 40%).

California: Schwarzenegger (R) leads by nine. See Data.

Arkansas: Beebe (D) 50% Hutchinson (R) 40%. Data and Article coming later.

Georgia: Perdue (R) 57% Taylor (D) 32%. See Data.

Election 2004: The Wall Street Journal declared that Rasmussen Reports was one of the big winners of Election 2004. Also, you might want to see what Slate had to say about our polling this year.

As you know, we provided Premium Members with polling in 24 states over the final weekend. We're pleased to report that the candidate leading in our polls won every single state.

FINAL POPULAR VOTE PROJECTION: Bush 50.2% Kerry 48.5% Other 1.3%

FINAL STATE TRACKING POLL UPDATE: Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania State Polls: Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, North Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New York  Senate Polling Summary.

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