Survey of 500 Likely Voters
September 28, 2006

Election 2006: Oregon Governor
Ted Kulongoski (D) 47%
Ron Saxton (R) 42%
Election 2006: Oregon Governor
Three-Poll Rolling Average
Surveys Kulongoski Saxton
Aug-Sep 18-Sep 28 48% 38%
Jul-Aug-Sep 47% 36%
Feb-Jul-Aug 47% 34%

Election 2006: Oregon Governor

Date Kulongoski Saxton
Sep 28 47% 42%
Sep 18 47% 38%
Aug 17 49% 35%
Jul 18 45% 35%
Feb 20 47% 33%
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Oregon Governor: Saxton Within 5
Kulongoski (D) 47% Saxton (R) 42%
Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski

The political winds are blowing momentum toward Republican Ron Saxton’s attempt to unseat Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski.  Results of the latest Rasmussen Reports election survey show the incumbent’s lead is down to five points, 47% to 42% (see crosstabs). Earlier this month, Saxton trailed by nine.

Confirmation that this is indeed becoming a more competitive race can be found on the campaign trail as several notable politicos will be visiting the state in the coming weeks. Former Vice President Al Gore is expected to fundraise at events for Kulongoski in October. Saxton is expecting similar visits from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. 

One visitor who is not expected, however, is President Bush.  The Saxton campaign claims it doesn’t need the president’s help to win this race—and keeping a safe distance may be a smart move.  Most Oregon voters (54%) say they “strongly disapprove” of the president’s job performance. This is among the highest levels of disapproval for the President found anywhere in the nation.

Kulongoski and Saxton are each viewed “very favorably” by 15% of Oregon voters. The “very unfavorable” numbers for each candidate are a bit higher than that—24% for Saxton and 20% for the Governor.

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