Survey of 500 Likely Voters
July 26, 2006

Election 2006: Ohio Governor

Ted Strickland (D) 50%
Ken Blackwell (R) 39%
Election 2006: Ohio Governor
Three-Poll Rolling Average
Survey Strick. Black.
May-Jun-Jul 51% 37%
Apr-May-Jun 51% 36%
Mar-Apr-May 51% 37%
Feb-Mar-Apr 50% 37%
Jan-Feb-Mar 47% 38%
Nov-Jan-Feb 44% 37%
Election 2006: Ohio Governor
Date Strick. Black.
Jul 27 50% 39%
Jun 20 50% 37%
May 8 52% 36%
Apr 19 52% 35%
Mar 28 50% 40%
Feb 16 47%


Jan 3

44% 40%
Nov 14 42% 36%
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Ohio Governor: Strickland (D) Lead Holding

Blackwell (R) 39%, Strickland (D) 50%

Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland

Unlike the U.S. Senate race in the state, Ohio's gubernatorial contest is not showing much movement.

The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll in Ohio shows Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland leading Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell 50% to 39% (see crosstabs). Strickland continues to do better among unaffiliated voters and especially moderates, and manages to lure 23% of GOP voters. Blackwell attracts the support of only 9% of Democrats. 

Strickland is viewed favorably by 51% of all voters, Blackwell by 43%. Blackwell, looked on unfavorably by 48%. This figure includes a high number (31%) who view him "very" unfavorably. That’s up six percentage points since June.

President Bush’s job performance earns approval from 43% of Ohio voters and disapproval from 55%. Forty-four percent (44%) voice "strong" disapproval of the President.

That's practically a cheerleading squad, though, compared to how Ohioans view their state's chief executive. Republican Governor Bob Taft gets approval from only 20%. More than three quarters, 77%, disapprove including 51% who do so "strongly."

Taft has been mired for months in a corruption scandal having to do with unreported gifts from lobbyists (and which resulted in criminal misdemeanor charges).

Blackwell has clashed with Taft on taxes and other issues. However, his actions as Ohio Secretary Of State during the 2004 election and some of his fundraising activities have also come under scrutiny.

Sixty percent (60%) of Ohio voters say the political system is "badly broken," including 43% of Republicans, 75% of Democrats, and 65% of unaffiliated voters.

Fifteen percent (15%) say corruption is the top issue affecting their vote, slightly higher than say it's the war in Iraq (13%). Sixty-two percent (62%) of those who rank corruption as their number one issue support Strickland; 43% of the same group regard Blackwell "very unfavorably."

The economy is the top issue on voters’ minds, mentioned by 36% as most important.

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