Survey of 500 Likely Voters
July 25, 2006

Election 2006: Florida Senate

Bill Nelson (D) 61%
Katherine Harris (R) 33%

Election 2006: Florida Senate
Three-Poll Rolling Average

Surveys Nelson Harris
Apr-May-Jul 59% 31%
Mar-Apr-May 57% 31%
Feb-Mar-Apr 54% 34%
Jan-Feb-Mar 53% 35%

Election 2006: Florida Senate

Date Nelson Harris
July 25 61% 33%
May 15 60% 33%
Apr 10 57% 27%
Mar 6 55% 34%
Feb 6 49% 40%
Jan 3 54% 31%
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Florida Senate:
Katherine Harris (R) Still Flailing

Nelson (D) 61%, Harris (R) 33%

Senator Nelson works with government storm trackers during a hurricane-hunter flight into the center of Hurricane Charley. August 2004 (NOAA photo)
Senator Bill Nelson

Florida's gubernatorial race may be competitive and fluid, but there is still scant movement in the lopsided race for U.S. Senate here.

Support for Republican Congresswoman Katherine Harris, the likely GOP nominee whom so many top Republicans have asked to step aside, remains static in the new Rasmussen Reports election poll. But Senator Bill Nelson has added a point to his massive lead to now trounce Harris 61% to 33% among likely voters (see crosstabs).

Even among Republicans voters, 34% say they prefer Senator Nelson.

Harris's bid suffered another blow in mid-July when three top staffers resigned—the second round of such high-level departures in the campaign—and then promptly complained to the press about her management style.

Harris is viewed favorably by 40% of all voters, 58% of GOP voters. She is viewed unfavorably by 49% of all voters; 34% view her "very" unfavorably, and 53% of Democrats view her "very" unfavorably.

Senator Nelson is viewed favorably by 63% of all voters, including 55% of the GOP and 72% of Democrats.

The economy and immigration top the list of issues most important to Florida voters, though national security and the war in Iraq are not far behind.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of Florida voters say the political system is "badly broken."

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