Survey of 500 Likely Voters
August 1, 2006

Election 2006: Minnesota Senate
Amy Klobuchar (DFL) 50%
Mark Kennedy (R) 38%
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Minnesota Senate:
Klobuchar's Numbers Continue to Climb

Klobuchar (DFL) 50% Kennedy (R) 38%

Democratic Candidate Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar (DFL) has opened her biggest lead of the season over Republican Mark Kennedy in the race for Minnesota’s open Senate seat.  The latest Rasmussen Reports election survey shows Klobuchar ahead 50% to 38% (see crosstabs). 

Independence candidate Robert Fitzgerald draws support from 5% of respondents.

That’s a big improvement for the Hennepin County Attorney. Klobuchar held a seven-point advantage last December when the DFL field was still crowded (The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party or DFL is the state's equivalent of the Democratic Party.) In all of our polls since, her lead has been smaller, typically 2-3 points. She led 47% to 44% at the end of June.

Klobuchar now picks up 87% of the vote from Democrats in the state, up from 82% a month ago. More significantly, Klobuchar has gained a 20-point lead among unaffiliated voters.

Kennedy gets 80% of the vote from Republicans statewide.

Klobuchar’s improved position is consistent with a general trend showing improved prospects for Democrats this summer. Our most recent poll in Washington showed Maria Cantwell reversing a long decline and opening a healthy lead in her re-election bid. Democratic challengers now lead Republican Senate incumbents in Pennsylvania, Montana, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Missouri. In Nevada, Senator Ensign (R) still leads, but he has slipped below the 50% mark in terms of voter support.

Thirty percent (30%) of Minnesota voters have a “very favorable” opinion of Klobuchar. Eighteen percent (18%) say the same about Kennedy.

As in most state’s, voters selected the economy as the top issue from a list of six campaign themes. Thirty percent (30%) rank that as their number one area of concern. The war in Iraq (18%) and national security (14%) round out the top three slots. 

Klobuchar enjoys the advantage over Kennedy among those citing the economy as the most important issue 55% to 37%.  Those who name the war in Iraq as the top issue strongly favor Klobuchar while those who name national security favor Kennedy.

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