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Supreme Court Nomination: 58% Say Senate Dems Should Confirm Qualified Conservative

Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters

July 7, 2005 

Should Democrats in the Senate vote to confirm or oppose a well-qualified conservative nominee?

Confirm 58%
Oppose 24%



July 11, 2005--If President Bush nominates a qualified conservative to serve on the Supreme Court, 58% of Likely Voters say that Senate Democrats should vote to confirm that nominee.

A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 24% believe that Harry Reid's party should oppose such a nominee.

Republicans and unaffiliated voters strongly support confirmation. Democrats are evenly divided--43% say their Senators should vote to confirm while 38% take the opposite view.

The divide among Democrats is strictly along ideological lines--58% of liberal Democrats want their party to oppose confirmation of a qualified conservative. 56% of moderate and conservative Democrats take the opposite view.

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Sixty-four percent (64%) of men, and 53% of women, believe Senate Democrats should vote to confirm a qualified conservative nominee.

That view is shared by 61% of white Americans and 50% of other Americans.

Earlier survey data showed that 42% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court. Nearly as many, 41%, have an unfavorable opinion. Liberal voters have a higher opinion of the Court than conservatives.

Retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is viewed favorably by 55% of American voters. Just 17% believe she is politically conservative.

During the battle over Judicial nominations earlier this year, just 22% of Americans had a favorable opinion of the filibuster compromise reached by fourteen Senators.

Data has also been released on issues relating to the Court including abortion, same-sex marriage, and flag burning.

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This survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted by Rasmussen Reports July 7, 2005.  The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

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